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Interfax has published a review of the media industry in Hunan, home province of the hot show Super Voice Girl. Here is a lengthy excerpt:

Hunan is now regarded by many observers as leading the way in developing China's cultural industries, most especially TV program production, but is also making inroads in publishing and cartoons. A recent highlight was the success of the 'Super Girls' TV show, which had an estimated 300 mln viewers in China and has received international attention.

"I am happy to tell you that Hunan is the best place to develop cultural businesses in China. Hunan's cultural products, especially TV station programs, are very good," Wei Wenbing, director of Hunan Provincial Broadcasting and Television Bureau, told Interfax.

Jiang Jianguo, the province's minister of propaganda, explained to Interfax that he did allow cultural industries more room. "But not enough room that I cannot eat my dinner at night," Jiang said.

"When somebody comes home after a long day of work, they should be able to turn on the television and there is something good and entertaining for them to watch," Jiang said.

Commenting on the provinces burgeoning cartoon industry Jiang said: "when we begin to do something in Hunan, we do it. We do not stop halfway, or it means we in Hunan do not want to do that business." Jiang also said his province likes to monitor developments in other provinces as it gives his people 'yali' - pressure to overcome challenges...

..He Tongxin, the vice governor of Hunan told Interfax that: "we have made lots of successful TV programs, they have even been broadcast in Japan and Europe. Media is developed for the people by the government - all countries have this and those kinds of rules to govern media. Modern Chinese development is a part of globalization. We are Marxist Leninist - so the order we present media development is different- first we must serve the people." According to He the development of Hunan media meets the requirements of China's national laws. "The 'Super Girls' program was a great way to show (Jiang Zemin's) three represents theory- 'Super Girls' represented the goals of advanced cultural development and advanced technology," He said... (emphasis added)

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