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"Illegal" ads: McDonald's apologises; P&G is astonished


McDonald's China issued an announcement to apologize for its "kneeling" TV commercial yesterday. The ad had already been banned in Beijing.

After investigation, Beijing Industry and Commerce Administration said that the commercial insulted dignity, went against social morality and contained false information. The ad is suspected to violate the 'Law to Protect Consumer's Rights and Interests' and China's Advertisement Law. McDonald's admitted that the commercial did not go through any official censorship process before it was broadcast.

Meanwhile, P&G has also been involved in another "illegal" ad problem, for four different brands: Pantene, Head & Shouders, Safeguard and Crest. Advertising for these products may contain claims of exaggerated effects, according to Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Administration which has already banned these ads. Beijing's Industry and Commerce Administration has also started to investigate the ads. According to the Beijing Times article linked below, P&G China feels "astonished and can not understand" about the action from the administration.

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