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Internet Censorship: Nanny's crawlers bite daddy in the ass


Century Hero is a film production company under the state-owned CITIC investment group. In other words, it is 100% controlled by the central government. Which makes it rather hilarious that Century Hero's website has been targeted by the Nanny's crawling software because the owner of the site has not registered it.

When you try to go to Century Hero's website, you get a popup window stating the following:

According to notification from the Ministry of the Information Industry, all websites must Interet Content Provision registration. Your company's website has not completed the registration formalities. Please work with your service provider to register immediately, otherwise your website will be closed down by the supervising departments of all districts. if you have any questions, please call 010-6395 2600 or 6395 2800.
Links and Sources
  • Century Hero (Chinese): Homepage
  • The image is a screenshot of the Nanny popup, click to enlarge
  • Thanks to Chris Barden for the tip
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