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Is the New York Times website blocked in China?

Readers in Shenzhen have emailed to say that is being blocked. In Beijing it was functioning, although very slowly, and it wasn't clear if the problem was related to the redesign of Grey Lady's website or caused by something else.

But today, it is behaving exactly like websites that are blocked.

Please leave comments if you have any information about this, or email jeremy @ if the comments system still doesn't work.

Why Nanny, why?

UPDATE: Email reports from readers in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Urumqi and Shenyang indicate that there is defintely a problem accessing the site. However individual article pages seem to be fine, it's the home page that is not working. Some are saying it's definitely a block, some are saying that it is related to the website's redesign.

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Comments on Is the New York Times website blocked in China?

i don't think it's a block. the website didn't load even after i changed my proxy.

I was trying to access NYT at home this morning, and it was totally blocked. But then I realized that I was experiencing a slight head-ache, and that there was an odd pulsing sound coming from the other side of my wall. (Which is odd, because Granny Weng is usually pretty quiet in the mornings.) Anyhow, I the more I tried to access NYT, the stronger my headache AND the pulsing sound. Then, i heard it: Granny Weng giggled. I quickly ran out to the balcony, swung myself out over the edge, and peaked into her apartment. Sure, enough, the old jokester was wielding a very large ray gun-like device, pointed directly at the area where my desk is located. Oh, boy, we had a good laugh about it later. Apparently, Granny Weng thought it would be "funny" to disable my NYT access with a special anti-MSM ray gun device. Gave me a whopping headache, but Granny Weng didn't mean any harm by it. Anyhow, for those of you in Guangzhou and Urumqi and those places, you might want to first rule out the possibility of ray guns before you go jumping to conclusions, wildly speculating about Nanny Naughtiness. And for those of you in Shenyang, well, like, let's get our priorities straight here: If you're in Shenyang of your own volition, then reliable NYT access might not be your biggest issue to deal with right now. :)

I can't access nytimes' website. I am in zhuhai. I don't think the problem is related to the website's redesign or server because the situations are pretty the same with being blocked.

When I first read this story, I couldn't get to the NYTimes site, but as of yesterday I could. So, I don't think there WAS a block.

I can't get anything to load this morning. Could this be related to the yesterday's editorial about the NY Times reporter imprisoned in Beijing?

The NYTimes seems to be down rather than blocked - pinging the site from times out, and it's not reachable through proxy at the moment.

NYT is out here in the states too.

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