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Massage Milk's disappearance: an April Fool's joke?

In an interview last night, Massage Milk told Danwei that his blog's disappearance was an early April Fool's joke (see earlier Danwei story for the background).


Milk Pig, another blog reported to have been disappereared, is also back in action. Both Massage Milk and Milk Pig are hosted on However the third blog mentioned in yesterday's Danwei report, Pro State in Flames is still not functioning.


In the meantime, the BBC has reported the story: China shuts down outspoken blog.

UPDATE: Contacted by telephone for an explanation, a representative had this to say: "No comment".

Hmm. 有时候我真TM不懂这江湖的规矩。

UPDATE 2: According to Danwei sources, Pro State in Flames will be online again shortly. 真TM不懂!

UPDATE 3: On Sunday March 12, Pro State in Flames is still unavailable.

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