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Michael Jackson and the Pedophile Party

Jacko in orphanage = Pedophile Party
The China Daily reports:
Pedophiles plan political party

Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals, sparking widespread outrage.

They chose to illustrate this story with with not one, but two photos of Michael Jackson visiting an orphanage in Japan. Thanks to Shaan and Michael for pointing out this bit of state-owned media quirkiness.

- Image grabbed from China Daily

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Comments on Michael Jackson and the Pedophile Party


Why are they stopping at 12?

I mean, if the dirty bastards think it's ok to have consensual sex with a minor, who says that he / she must be 12 OR OVER? Do they think that by introducing an age limit it suddenly makes things ok?

“But officer, I swear, she looked at least 12 and a half! How was I to know her library pass was a fake?”

It's not like it's going to take away from the fact that they like having sex with children (and animals, bless) legal.

China Daily is the real Chinese Onion!

When will they leave him alone, they have ruined his life, and now a using photos of him in regards to something he most like not heard about....

that is his daughter in the photo u idiots

Stop hating. He doesn't care, he left this piece of sh*t country and he does what he wants, get over people he's not going to change, his love for kids is pure and beautiful and something the whole world should have, and the sick bastards are the ones writing these stories not the King of Pop they are writing them about. New album in 2007!!!!!

Looks like someone's got his ass kicked and removed the Michael Jackson pictures from that web site.
That girl he is hugging is his own daughter by the way. Not only are those idiots sick, they're also thick as shit.

Michael Jackson is not a child molestor and anyone who doesn't UNDERSTAND that simple fact is an idiot. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I'm fed up to fuck with people using this man to play out their dirty fantasies and ideas. Those bastards should rot in hell.

Pix got removed coz i happened to see the thing on danwei, told a senior page editor and he made the call, otherwise it would have stayed. Website's reaction to the request to take it down from someone senior at the print edition: "we'll consider it".

The web-editors are arrogant bastards who know nothing about journalistic standards.

The CD website is an absolute joke, no editorial control and no communication with the print edition. Working at the print edition, I'm totally embarrassed by the idiots who work there, both Chinese and foreign staff....the paper has its problems, no secrets there, but the website just needs shutting down does nothing but drag the name of the paper down even further. Mistakes occur in every paper, but if u trawl through a list of China Daily errors of the past couple of years, the majority and the most serious (eg plagiarism) are all on the website, totally beyond the control of the print edition.

There are people at this organization who are progressive and are making changes, but the problem is that nobody will notice the vast improvements in the paper in the past couple of years because the idiots at the website continue to act with utter abandon.
In a strange way, I hope more mistakes like this happen, because its the only way senior people at this organization are going to notice the intrinsic problems of the way things are set up between paper and website.

Leave the poor guy alone!!! Argghh!

I am sick to death of it.

:: laughs :: wow, stupidness to the MAX! let me re-iterate like the many others before with BRAINS already have, ITS HIS FRICKING DAUGHTER!!! is there now a law against hugging your daughter..orr, let me guess, he's prolly sleeping with her too, right?


i'll take any of you losers on

Insider, could you be Mrs Doubtfire by some chance?

And less plagiarism on the print edition! How does that explain an incident last year when a story was used in a leader and it was only an eagle-eyed foreign journo who stopped it going to press? I think they need to root out any foreign staff there without any formal educational qualifications, I hear there are one or two. Reading "Das Kapital" doesn't count.

omg every1 thats MJ's daughter and anyway it dosent matter its a free country!

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