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China Daily: Antiwave and CCTV

The China Daily has published a report by Raymond Zhou and Wang Zhuoqiong about new media and Web 2.0 and other buzz word media stuff. It includes information about Jiang Hong and Lin Jiashu, the sarcastic podcasters behind Antiwave, and juicy stuff like the following:

A podcasting website,, set up in July 2005, raised US$9 million from Softbank and US$1 million from WI Harper Group, leaving China National Radio with the controlling stake of 51 per cent...

...In the traditional media of television, CCTV holds a monopoly as the only national network, with 15 satellite channels. Last year, it earned 12.4 billion yuan (US$1.55 billion), of which 8.6 billion (US$1.08 billion) was from advertising.

By contrast, Hunan Satellite Television, with its runaway hit "Super Girls," picked up only 600 million yuan (US$75 million) in advertising.

But in the realm of new media, CCTV does not enjoy such a privileged position, as it has to compete with a slew of operators.

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