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Organs and murder for sale

Media in two Chinese cities have reported on some frightening advertisements.

From Beijing comes this sticker advertising organ sales:

Organs for sale

I am a healthy individual, no medical conditions whatsoever, willing to sell bodily organs. Persons in need may contact me.

The Mirror reports that on Monday, Beijing police found 500 different ads amounting to a total of 50,000 copies in an apartment in Fengtai District.

In Changchun, ad stickers offering "hired vengeance" by a "private detective" have appeared throughout the city. New Culture View has a breathless report (written by a trainee reporter) on a conversation with a person at the other end of the posted number:

"Tailing someone costs just 4000 yuan right now. Our tailing service is what we do most; we can provide photos and recordings to our clients, and we guarantee completion within the time set by the client."

"What about 'vengeance'?"

"We can cut hands, feet, or we can 'do' someone directly. But that's the most expensive - it costs 50,000 yuan." The contact said that cutting off a hand costs 20,000 yuan right now, and cutting a foot costs 10,000. The cheapest is a standard beating, which costs just a few thousand yuan. "We must receive the client's deposit before going to work; we collect a standard 10% of every service, and collect the remainder upon completion. If we fail, we will return the entire deposit!"

The New Culture View reporter's contact claimed to have been in the business for six years. Police suspected that it was scam, and that the "assassins" would run off with the deposit. Lawyers consulted by the paper said that either way, it was still illegal.

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The private detective's hired vengeance service would be ideal to use on American lawyers during a negotiation.

Lawyers consulted by the paper said that either way, it was still illegal.

How sweet, the paper does its research and actually ASKS a lawyer to check if it is indeed illegal to pay people to GBH or kill a person....not bad...I like that attitude of completeness in the article. I guess those journalists thought their readers could not be trusted and had to be instructed NOT to use the service. Economics with socialist characteristics....

In fact it's often a cheat,they need you pay a part of fee first ,then no result.
There are other same advertisings, for example ,the are hiring a "pimp" (not cocotte) about 20kRMB/month),even weapon for sale.

I think it is wrong for the world to moralise about something they are not looking deeper into. It is almost like going against israel for the occupation of lebabnon after the have suffered for so many years without the intervention of the world.

For one to sell an organ, he has come to the point where he feels there is no other way out. And is probably suicidal...and feels that this would be a better option because he lives and gives life to another!

Look at it from that angle! And not this angle that is purely based on theory that has no experience in ones difficulties.

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