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It's hard to walk down streets in Beijing in the afternoon without having your ears assaulted: "Beijing Evening News! Legal Mirror!" the automated megaphones shout from every newsstand.

Well, no longer. Beijing's postal service has issued new regulations calling a halt to this and other questionable practices newsstand owners use to attract customers. Apart from the welcome prohibition on megaphones, the other rules are perhaps less beneficial to the average passer-by.

Starting from 10 July newsstands will no longer be able to sell cigarettes, film, drinks, batteries, or food. Proprietors must wear a uniform and a nametag. And they must strictly adhere to the anti-filth/anti-fake campaign, which prevents them from inserting unregulated advertising into the papers they sell.

This is all part of a plan to get all of Beijing's newsstands up to standard by the end of 2007, in time to impress all the foreign visitors at the Olympics.

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