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Sarcastic Chinese reactions to "No Chinese has been arrested for Internet writings" statement

Massage Milk, the Chinese blog of journalist Wang Xiaofeng who has a nice line in sarcasm, linked to a People's Daily piece quoting Liu Zhengrong, deputy chief of the Internet Affairs Bureau of the State Council Information Office, saying that no one has been arrested in China for things they wrote on the Internet.

He titled the post: "Americans are angry, let them be envious!"

In the comments section, somebody wrote: "You see, our democracy has unparalled advantagess that Western countries cannot hope to match."

Non-violent Resistance, an English language blog by a Chinese journalist had this to say, in a post titled 'So Relieved':

I am, upon reading in the Beijing News that "nobody in China has ever been arrested solely for comments on the Internet", according to Liu Zhengrong, deputy director of the Internet Bureau, the State Council Information Office.

Yeah, right. I feel SO protected.

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