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Shicha Hai gets a logo

Jade shaped Shicha Hai logo

Shicha Hai (or Shicha Lake, usually referred to as 'Hou Hai" by Beijing residents) is a historical site in Beijing. It lies at the center of the city, and includes three lakes, Prince Gong's Mansion and many hutongs. After SARS in 2002, the area became a popular bar and pub destination, esepcially for xiaozi people (white collars) in Beijing.

Yesterday, the Neighborhood Committee of Shicha Hai launched its new logo to public. The concept of logo design is from green jade which is related to the color of lake and Chinese culture. The logo includes both English and Chinese. The Chinese was written by calligrapher Yang Xuanting, and the English by Chinese- born American member of CPPCC (China People's Political Consultative Conference) Sha Boli.

'Image Projects' have become popular in Beijing after the first 'street logo' for Wangfujing was launched in 1999. Many residential compounds have also set up their own visual identities.

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