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Technorati blocked in China?, the favorite tagging and search site of many bloggers, seems to be blocked in China.

Perhaps all the American blog coverage of Hu's visit triggered a spike in Chinese readers interest in Technorati's 'China' tag. Causing someone at Nanny Central to take note. Perhaps.

文明办网 man!

- Thanks to gnefgnib for the tip

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yes it went down last night (my fault, sorry everyone...), but still accessible through the other usual ways. also traceroute resolved the ip address and got as far as sydney, australia, so something is getting in/out. the address to ping technorati for new posts seems to be ok though.

I tried traceroute too, but it only got as far as, which according to is CNCGROUP-BACKBONE.

Perhaps someone could contact them? Their contact details are:
phone: +86-10-82993155

Yep...its down.

Yes; down... Damnit.

It's back up again. Might have been a technical error.

back up in g-town too ...weee!!!

not blocked

... and blocked again

It appears their servers can't access China either, can't seem to claim my blog.

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