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Technorati not blocked in China is functioning again for users in China. Was it a Nanny problem or a Technorati problem? Who knows? And why is the New York Times homepage still behaving strangely? Who knows?

Also in the flaky Internet department,, which is where Danwei TV videos are hosted, is down. And the spammers have started attacking Danwei comments, so please bear with us if we have to switch them off or tinker with them to find a solution.

UPDATE: Technorati seems to be blocked again. Thanks Nanny, you old cow.

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Comments on Technorati not blocked in China

Possibly the nanny realised that Technorati is so difficult to get a return anway.
By the way, Technorati's new URL is http://Sorry,wecouldntcompleteyoursearchbecausewereexperiencingahighvolumeofrequestsright

techNOrate is down again, i'm only getting in via proxy...

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