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The Chinese media market is "absolutely open"

GAPP sets the record straight
From a Reuters story on the Washington Post, China defends latest controls on media freedom:
The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television reissued notices restricting local broadcasters' use of foreign news footage and the General Administration of Press and Publications introduced restrictions on foreign magazines publishing Chinese versions.

"I don't think you have an accurate understanding of the contents of the notice," Hu Zhanfan, deputy director of the broadcasting regulator, told a news conference...

...Another pronouncement confirmed by the government this month but actually promulgated last year allows only foreign science and technology magazines to develop Chinese versions through tie-ups with approved local partners.

This was to be expected, said Liu Binjie, vice minister of the publishing watchdog, as China was a developing country with a thirst for foreign technologies and learning.

"For political or religious publications, it's not very suitable for the national or the cultural condition of China," Liu said...

..."The market is absolutely open. Foreign companies can enter into the Chinese market and have cooperation in the press and publication market as well as the retail and wholesale market," he said. (Emphasis added)

Liu Binjie was previously mentioned on Danwei in this article: Vice Minister of GAPP wants to have his cake and eat it.

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