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Time Warner and Rupert Murdoch, we're coming to get you

But we'll start humbly. Today, Danwei TV launches on its own website:

The site still needs tweaking. As soon as we can, we are also going to add different video formats including iTunes podcast subscription for video iPods.

Please give us feedback in the comments section below.

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Comments on Time Warner and Rupert Murdoch, we're coming to get you

Congratulations, Jeremy!

It is nice to see Danwei TV is finally getting its own long deserved domain.

I am looking forward to all the new episodes.

(please, no more Muzi Mei, her 15 minutes of skank-fame or whore-o-rama was long over.)









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Time Warner? Rupert Murdoch? Ha ha ha ha! What kind of Kool Aid are you drinking?

Give them time johnny steve, give them time.

Time for what? Pretentious wankers!

Understand irony much, johnny stevie?

a fucked up laowai interviewing a fucked up woman.
people think they are doing cool things, but they become a joke and they even don't know.
but give them some time.

And how cool are you Beijing Girl? Start up your own internet TV station and show us what you can do. You are the joke. Pussa via!

"Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamppost what it feels about dogs"

I should say you are doing a very good job from the beginning, explainning the life in Beijing in a unique and a bit of ironic style!

to gunslinger:
what I meant was: What they want to tell people?
if they want to tell the lifestyle of Beijing, she is a special case.
if they want to introduct a special people, why they don't introduct her with full view.
and why they don't make themself at least looks good.
the first thing of doing a TV or FILM show is make people see the whole personality and with a good view.
otherwise, it lost the basic point.
i do hope they can do it better, and they can do it better, not just make a half edited film like this.
BTW, do a internet filming show is not that difficult, but maybe to you is a little bit too difficult.

Dear beijing girl,

Do you have any Internet filming shows for us? If so, please send to jeremy -at- If they are good, we would be more than happy to feature them on Danwei.

thanks, i don't do internet filming shows. i am not teenager anymore.

Beijing Girl... teen movies are a always a hot commodity on the internet. Even if they are a few years old, they are worth publishing...

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