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Up-to-the-minute traffic reports


If you had the misfortune to take Beijing public transportation during rush hour yesterday, you may have seen a new on-board traffic TV service. The ad delivery machines that have appeared in around 10,000 taxis and buses throughout the city will now deliver up-to-the-minute reports of traffic jams and accidents so you'll know why your commute is taking so darn long.

Beijing All Media and Culture' s ad network will run five hours a day of traffic-related programming - views from more than 700 cameras installed throughout Beijing will be processed by BAMC, with the results sent out to viewers in cabs, buses, and the #13 subway line.

BAMC also says that starting in June of this year, individuals will be able to subscribe to the mobile television service, allowing them to recieve updates on the World Cup while they are stuck in traffic.

BAMC's promo spot is here. Why read the newspaper or gawk at passing beauties when you can watch ads in the comfort of the back seat of your taxi?

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