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Urban media rank by Baidu

Chinese searching engine Baidu announced its "China urban media influence awards" yesterday at Tsinghua University. 20 of most influential Chinese media got the designation of "Baidu Zhuangyuan (No. 1 scholar) Media".

This rank is judged according to the Internet influence of Chinese urban media. The result comes from statistics of Baidu searching from January 1, 2005. Five media get special awards, they are:

Beijing Times 京华时报 - News dissemination award (Baidu Web search rate);
The Beijing News 新京报 - News influence award (Baidu News search rate);
Beijing Youth Daily 北京青年报 - Visual influence award (Baidu Image search rate);
Southern Metropolis News 南方都市报 - Topic influence award (influence on subject matter of online forums);
Shanghai Morning Post 新闻晨报 - Common people affinity award (judged by quantity of forum posts about their articles).

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