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Vatican: Beijing and Rome agree on bishop's appointment
China: Vaffanculo!


A website called Catholic World News reports:

Beijing and Rome agree on bishop's appointment

Shanghai, Jun. 28 — In a clear sign of improving relations between the Vatican and Beijing, the Chinese government has recognized a bishop appointed by the Holy See, the AsiaNews service reports.

The June 28 consecration of Bishop Joseph Xing Wenzhi as an auxiliary for the Shanghai diocese was authorized by the government-approved "official" Church. But the new bishop announced that he had been nominated by the Holy See.

Beijing's public acceptance of a bishop nominated by the Holy See is an important step, since the government is thereby tacitly admitting that the Vatican nomination is not an unacceptable interference in China's internal affairs.

The website's information source is the Vatican propaganda website, which is blocked in China.

AFP reports the story a little differently:

China said on Wednesday the appointment of an auxiliary bishop in Shanghai had not been approved by the Vatican.

“He was chosen by our Shanghai Catholic community and was approved by the Chinese Catholic Bishops College,” said an official with the Shanghai Religious Affairs Bureau, who refused to be named.

“It has nothing to do with the Vatican.”

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