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Wikipedia to be unblocked this week?

The Nanny: does she care about your complaints?

A Chinese blogger named shizhao writing on says that he has information that Wikipedia will be unblocked by Wednesday this week. He also has some suggestions for complaining about the Nanny's nefarious blocking activities: complain directly to your ISP.

Apparently, the ISPs cannot reveal the reasons for a website being blocked because such decisions are usually taken by Public Security organizations and the ISPs do not usually know the reason themselves, but they can nonetheless pass on applications for a site to be unblocked.

Below is a link to a map of the Chinese Internet, showing how the ISPs connect to the backbones and to other countries. Clicking on the icons for each ISP takes you to their websites, where you can usually find an online form or an email address to use for your complaint. You should submit the IP address as well as the domain name.

So fellow Internet users in China, start complaining about the shoddy treatment we receive from the Nanny! Report blocked sites! El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

Yeah right.

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