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Xinhua Today: Floods, bird flu, Japanese ships and Carmen Electra


Today's news from state-owned news agency and lads mag Xinhua:

Xinhua in Chinese:
- Critical time for flood prevention measures south of the Yangtze; Wen Jiabao notes that responsibilty must be strengthened (Link)
- Nation to invest 7.5 billion yuan in Three Rivers Source Preservation Area (Link)
- Foreign Ministry: China expresses strong dissatisfaction at Japanese warship driving away Taiwanese fishermen (Link)
- Department of Agriculture denies false reports about China's anti bird flu measures (Link)

Xinhua in English:
- China urges resumption of 6-party talks (Link)
- Japan "violated" China's sovereignty, says FM (Link)
- McDonald's withdraws "insulting" ad (Link)
- Virtual game, a double-edged sword (Link)
A summary of the case of the man who murdered over virtual property

- Surrender! I am Carmen Electra! (pictured) Link

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