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Xinhua Today: Food safety problems, cadres react to audit


Today's news from state-owned news agency and lads magazine Xinhua:

Xinhua in Chinese:
- Wu Yi: Food safety situation is grim — After many scandals (contaminated milk, food stored on pig farms etc.), iron lady and vice premier Wu Yi (pictured) vows that the the government will crack down on those responsible for substandard food. (Link)
- People's Congress representatives across the country shocked by audit report: some problems have previously been reported and have continued to happen again and again (Link)

Xinhua in English:
- Socialist market economy direction of reforms: Hu — Blah blah blah. (Link)
- Penance follows "auditing storm" — Excerpt: 'In response to Tuesday's government auditing revelations, several ministries and companies promised yesterday to improve their financial management.' Blah blah blah. (Link)

The Skinhua editors are slacking. From a reader email:

The Xinhua slackers should study and emulate the Liaoning work ethic. The nose-to-the-grindstone editors at the state-owned Northeast Network are ahead of quota in their production of DongBabes:

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