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Xinhua Today: Maggie Q and the new Beijing Olympic slogan


Today's news from state-owned news agency and lads magazine Xinhua:

Xinhua in Chinese:
- China has 791,000 drug addicts, 70% of whom are youths (under 35) (Link)
- China will pursue renminbi exachange rate reform with responsible attitude and methods (Link)

Xinhua in English:
- Beijing unveils new Olympic slogan — and the slogan is... "One World, One Dream" (Link)
- Nevada hopes to attract more Chinese tourists — in which the real reason Chinese like to go to Nevada is not mentioned, except in this sentence: 'Besides gambling, Nevada also boasted to be a conference place'. Uh yeah. (Link)
- China pursues gradual reform of RMB rate — in which Wen Jiabao says that China will revalue the yuan, but at a time and place of its own choosing, as George W. Bush might put it. (Link)

- Maggie Q stars with Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible" — pictured (Link)

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