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Murdoch's wife: censored profile to be published in China on Thursday

Coming to a newsstand near you on Thursday
The profile of Rupert Murdoch's wife Deng Wendi that was spiked by the editors of Australian newspaper Good Weekend is to be published in Chinese news magazine New Century Weekly (新世纪周刊) this Thursday.

The article has already appeared in English in Australia's The Monthly. It was also supposed to appear in the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper later this month, but was spiked for unknown reasons.

The cover of the upcoming issue is reproduced here. You can see more of the soon to be published Chinese language article on Ping Ke's blog: This Unusual Woman. You can see more of the author Eric Ellis' work at his personal website.

When Chinese magazines start publishing articles that scare off Western editors, you know the times they are a changing.

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Comments on Murdoch's wife: censored profile to be published in China on Thursday

Wow. Seeing Murdoch with his wife paints a similar picture of Anna Nicole Smith and her late husband.

LOL... That dude is like ... really old looking. I dunno, something very odd about R.M. Almost like under some sort of spell... Naw it can't be...

And she looks so ... nevermind.

Family oriented station this be.

Wow, I just checked to see if Fanbo had anything new... and they have a new 节目 and 'tis yourself! Everybody, go to to hear Jeremy being interviewed (and an Antiwave interview that isn't dubbed, hurray).

I tend to think Wendi is a secret agent sent by CCP to help bring News Corp to a peaceful transformation, probably after MD'd death. ;-)

Murdoch is the man.
You are all jealous of him and his beautiful wife.
Jay the butt man...why don't you get a job? You are always on this crap adding your 2 cents.
Oh, and Danwei...the only reason its printed there and not in the west is because China hates Murdoch because like that playwright he is a foreign man with a Chinese woman. Its really simple...why debate it?

Man why you be trying to cheat me out my daily entertainment man.

At least my name is not Fritz. HAHA.

Job? What's that?

Props to Wendi Deng. Call her what you want, she's one of the youngest, smartest women in media today. Those ain't average hustler skills, if you can land one of the biggest media moguls on the planet. For all those women and men who have tried to use their charms to get a job, promotion or spouse--

read on and learn from the master.

"Man why you be trying to cheat me out my daily entertainment man.

At least my name is not Fritz. HAHA."---Jay the Butt Man

What the hell is wrong with the name FRITZ?

Its the name of a cartoon cat in an animated porn, its a famous director's name, its the name of Kyra Sedgwick's character boyfriend on the CLOSER, and in Germany its slang for a poor nongmingren. My name rules Butt Man.

Dollars to donuts says the Murdoch family implodes after Rup expires. It's a Shakespearian tragedy already in Act II now.

So, who's going to put the article on this Danwei site so we can read it here?

The New Century Weekly translation was available on Sina, Sohu, and other portals late last week but has since been taken down (poke around on Baidu for cached copies). A one-page teaser ran in the Mirror (available here). Otherwise, you'll have to pay for a subscription to The Monthly or wait for some other outlet to fork out the license fees to pick it up.

Murdoch's wife Deng Wendi is a vicious, vicious woman whose path to Murdoch's boardroom and bedroom is paved with betrayal, infidelity, adultery, and all sorts of power struggle, and scandalous affairs. (You can google and find out more about her.) She had leaped from one powerful man to another until she finally seduced and landed the jackpot = Murdoch. She has an interesting life to say the least. Her life would certainly make a great movie.

I don't know about you guys but on my computer screen right now I see "Find an Asian Wife" and "I Love My Chinese Bride" appearing as Google ads below this story's headline.

Spelunker, Maybe News Corp. is promoting such? Out of the caves and into the open!

KTChong, Sounds like it would be X-rated. By the way, have the actor portraying RM keep his duds on, please.

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