Mengya is often translated as "Sprouts," and for a time in the 1990s it called itself Bud Literary Magazine. It is the most well-known and influential literary magazine for the young adult market.

Launched in 1956 "to give the youth a garden of their own," Mengya was a successor to the 1930s monthly of the same name founded by Lu Xun. In recognition of his efforts to foster the next generation of young writers, the cover of the new magazine printed the title in Lu Xun's own hand (the 1930s Sprouts had a more stylized cover design).

The magazine was an instant hit, but four years later it was temporarily suspended because of the national paper shortage in the wake of the Great Leap Forward. After resuming publication in 1963, Mengya was suspended again when the Cultural Revolution started in 1966.

The current incarnation of the magazine was launched with the January, 1981 issue, which duplicated the Huang Yongyu woodcut that was on the cover of the first issue in 1956.

Mengya remains a powerful force on the country's literary scene. The wide variety of writing in the magazine finds it an audience among young people aspiring to be writers, lovelorn teenagers seeking romantic experiences, and rebels looking for a voice to identify with. The magazine's New Concept Writing Contest, founded in 1998 to foster creative expression among students trapped in a coldly rational education system, launched the careers of mega-stars like Han Han (韩寒) and Guo Jingming (郭敬明).

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