Phoenix Weekly

This magazine covers current affairs and cultrual issues and is affiliated with the Phoenix television network founded by mainland-born media tycoon Liu Changle (刘长乐).

Based in Hong Kong, it is mainly distributed on the Chinese mainland China, though it has aspirations of an even larger audience (motto: "Independent Thinking for Chinese All over the World." 为全球华人提供独立意见).

It distinguishes itself from mainland news weeklies by its perfect binding and provocative cover photos, although the stories inside are often disappointingly mundane. Occasionally its reporting will ruffle feathers; an article on the Xiamen PX situation before the 2007 protests was seized by the authorities in that city. The magazine also provides coverage of cultural issues in Hong Kong and Taiwan and features columnists who span the political spectrum.

Phoenix Weekly used to come with a VCD insert that contained one half of a Phoenix TV interview, but in 2007 a redesign got rid of the VCD, increased the price, changed the cover text to traditional characters, and upped the page count from 80 to 96.

Publication License Number: Phoenix Weekly permitted to be distributed on the mainland by a special authorization, so it does not have a 统一刊号.