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China's largest news agency, abbreviated 新华社. Sometimes translated in the English-language media as "the official New China News Agency."

Founded in 1931 as the Red China News Agency, it gained its current name at Yan'an in 1937.

Although Xinhua has been slowly changing from a propaganda machine into something resembling a Chinese version of Reuters, the agency also has a regulatory function and can work in concert with GAPP or autonomously. Occasionally it seems to take advantage of its semi-governmental position to stymie the competition.

Among Xinhua's properties:

  • Xinhuanet, an online portal
  • Xinhua Daily Telegraph (新华每日电讯), a daily newspaper chock full of Xinhua wire reports
  • Reference News (参考消息), a daily digest of the international press
  • International Herald Leader (国际先驱导报), which reports on global affairs
  • Economic Information Daily (经济参考报), a financial newspaper
  • Modern Express (现代快报), a Jiangsu-based metro daily
  • Globe Magazine (环球), a biweekly news magazine
  • Outlook (瞭望周刊), a weekly news magazine with a special focus on government policy
  • Oriental Outlook (瞭望东方周刊), an alternative news weekly designed to operate relatively independently of Xinhua's bureacracy
  • China Comment (半月谈), a fortnightly magazine of political and social commentary
  • Chinese Journalist (中国记者), a monthly media journal
  • China Securities Journal (中国证券报) and Shanghai Securities News (上海证券报), daily financial papers
  • Xinhua PR Newswire, a press release service for Asian companies, run jointly with PR Newswire

Xinhua is unaffiliated with the Xinhua Daily (新华日报), a paper founded in 1938 that was turned over to the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee after the revolution.

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