New Express

A daily newspaper based in Guangzhou. The newspaper provides a financial incentive (50 yuan each) for anyone who can come up with newsworthy clue.

The newspaper delights in tabloid stories and news items that are sure to get a rise out of readers. It often pulls content from the Internet, sometimes without fact-checking, a practice that has not done good things for its reputation.

In the beginning of August, 2008, it published a story reporting that a Korean newspaper, the well-regarded Chosun Ilbo had reported that Sun Yat-sen was of Korean descent. The article had originally circulated on Chinese BBSs, but once the New Express story came out, readers exploded in condemnation of the Korean tendency to claim Chinese culture as their own.

It later turned out that the story was a fake; the Chosun Ilbo had never published such a report. New Express ran a front-page news item noting the existence of the fake story without acknowledging its role in the affair.

Publication License Number: CN44-0180