Titan Sports

China's most successful sports newspaper. The title is actually the pinyin for "the sporting world,"

It started off as a photocopied football fanzine in the 1990s, distributed for free in Changsha, capital of the Central Southern province of Hunan. In a few years, riding the wave of the growing interest in football, and sports in general, Titan Sports became the top publication for sports and one of the best-selling newspapers in the entire country.

It's remained popular by focusing on the interests of the general fan, while some of its defunct rivals, like the cerebral Nanfang Sports, misjudged the marketplace.

Titan Sports is jointly published by the Hunan Art and Culture Publishing House (湖南文艺出版社) and Titan Publishing House (体坛出版社), which followed Titan's success with Soccer Weekly (足球周刊).

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