Reference News

Translations of stories from the foreign press.

Reference News (also known by its Chinese name Cankao Xiaoxi) was founded on 7 November, 1931, in Jiangxi Province. With a daily circulation of 3.2 million, it is China's leading daily newspaper and ranked 5th in the world in 2008 (WAN via Yangtze Evening Post).

Initially the paper was limited to cadres above certain level. Now it is available to everyone who wishes to read a collection of foreign wire and newspaper reports carefully selected by Xinhua. By no means are all the stories about global politics; the paper devotes certain pages and weekly supplements to lifestyle, health, education, and other topics (see this Chinese summary for more).

Reference News (or Cankao Xiaoxi) used to be the only legal way for Chinese to get information from the foreign media, but with the development of internet, it is losing its edge.

The title calligraphy is by Lu Xun.

Publication License Number: CN11-0048