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Fear of FEER


An unconfirmed rumor from a media industry source says that the April 18, 2008 issue of the print edition of the Asian Wall Street Journal was banned or had page 7 removed by CNPIEC (中图), the state entity that controls the import of most periodicals and books into China.

What was on page 7?

The ad for the Far Eastern Economic Review reproduced at left (click to enlarge).

On a different subject, this is currently the top story on FEER's website:

Mongolia's China Syndrome

As the world’s attention turns to Buddhist protests against Chinese rule and cultural domination in Tibet, another neighbor of China is protesting in a less peaceful manner. In Mongolia, anti-Chinese sentiment has taken a nasty turn. The neo-Nazi group Blue Mongolia, for example, shaves the heads of women caught sleeping with Chinese men. “It is for their own good,” says Gansuren Damdinsuren, a Blue Mongolia board member. “A small nation can only survive by keeping its blood pure.”

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Comments on Fear of FEER

The page and the ad were in the subscription copy delivered to our office by CNPIEC. Of course, that's a small sample. And our April FEER hasn't arrived yet.

Wow. After finishing "Imperial Grunts" by Robert Kaplan, I knew the Mongolians were definitely not big fans of their benefic Han Chinese neighbors, but now this...

I say it's a good ban.
These stupid Mongolian nationalists dont know what they are facing

Ultra-Nationalist scumbags can be found in any country. Aryan Nation in the US, neo-Nazis in Germany, skinheads in Russia, foreigner-beating Chinese protesters and some "blue Mongolians".


But what was on page 8 which also would have been missing, along with the corresponding pages on the same sheet at the back of the paper?

And what's on pages 9 and 10 in the April 22 edition. Just had a look in the shop and they're missing (and, of course 23/24).

I travelled around Mongolia for a month back in 2006. Our driver held very anti-Chinese sentiments, especially in regards to infrastructure construction and high local unemployment.

However, Mongolia (at least based on my very limted observations) doesn't seem to contain the capacity to engage in it's own indigenous construction efforts.

B:I don't think the driver held 'anti-Chinese sentiments'? Maybe he held anti-Chinese government view for explanation that he was not satified with the infrasture construciton and high local unemployment.That's sound more resonable.

uh, click on the goddamn image. There's articles criticizing the Beijing Olympics and China's Tibet policy.

Thanks so much for pointing that out, Inst.

cat, it's possible, of course, that there was nothing on page 8, so it was removed under consumer-protection rules governing printing mistakes. Page 7's disappearance was just an unfortunate side-effect.

Ah... I've just followed Inst's advice and clicked on the image. I see now.


Well, I don't recall anyone named "11" in the jeep my friends and I rented. The driver was very clear...on numerous occasions.

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