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Has SARFT gone insane?

Banned. Maybe.

SARFT's recent banning of Lust, Caution actress Tang Wei has caused a fuss in the entertainment industry in China and Hong Kong, and prompted Lust, Caution director Ang Lee to write a letter of protest about the blacklisting.

The ban was confirmed by a Xinhua report published this morning, titled 'SARFT confirms media blackout on Tang Wei'.

Oddly enough, also published today is a story on, titled 'SARFT denies media blackout on Tang Wei'. Translated excerpt:

SARFT Party Committee member and President of CCTV Zhao Huayong said" "There is absolutely no truth in this story that Tang Wei has been blacklisted".

This comes in the same week that SARFT apparently issued an order to popular online video site to cease operations, an order that so far has been completely ignored.

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I think your headline sums it up rather well.

When a bureau or representative entity of the government of a nation gets into vindictive little actions against a mere actress for a role she ACTED in, then...well...I guess you have (at the risk of my also generalizing), CHINA.

I dunno, the Xinhua article seems a little unclear. While of course SARFT is insane, I think it kind of looks like the author of that article on Xinhuanet was a little eager to draw big conclusions from small quotes. The most specific quote the article has is from Zhang Haitao saying, "This policy is aimed at the issue and not at the person." This quote could be taken somewhat out of context, and it doesn't exactly sound like a clear-cut admission of guilt to me.

You entry wrongly assumes that SARFT (not meaning the individual civil servants) is sane. I have not seen any proof for that.

I wonder Tudou's courage is anything to do with the rumoured government ministry restructuring - if regulatory power over online video might be transferred to the MII within a week, they might as well delay obeying SARFT until their opinion no longer matters.

Just wild speculation, is all.

Tang Wei is going to be an international movie star. SARFT won't matter.

If the supposed ban is "dui shi bu dui ren", then is Tony Leung hereby blacklisted too? If I recall, there were two people in those scenes...

Even if there is a blackout, I seem to remember the blackout ordered against Furong Jiejie didn't last for very long. After a while she was back on tv and the internet...

May be we should post the naked pictures of the head of the SARFT to the world. They are just a bunch of stupid people who practice the old way.

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