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Self-esteem for domestic cinema

Here's a skit from a DragonTV Spring Festival program that mocks China's film industry by pitting commercial blockbusters (the imperial court) against upstart indie art films (the assassins):

"Night Banquet on the Chrysanthemum Dais" - certainly much funnier than anything in CCTV's gala (once you get past the lame laugh track and sound effects). Not everyone agrees, however.

On Tuesday, a high-level SARFT offical criticized this skit at the Administration's weekly meeting, the Mirror reported on Wednesday.

The high-level SARFT official said that domestic cinema is still in a developmental stage; it is best not to malign or slander domestic movies. The individual requested that from now on, "artistic works should not be permitted to criticize domestic film." The Administration also requested the TV station to make a careful reflection and summary report.

Reportedly, skits at other local stations also spoofed The Promise and Crazy Stone. This reporter also learned that the reason the local skit Fishing (钓鱼) did not appear at the Spring Festival Gala had to do with "crazy stone" in its dialogue.

Ironically, the DragonTV skit concludes with sentiments that SARFT should appreciate - a call for art films and commercial films to work together to defeat Hollywood.

"He's not wearing any clothes!" "No mudslinging or slander!"
The Mirror chose this short report as the target of its daily political cartoon, which references "The Emperor's New Clothes" - the naked man's helmet reads "blockbuster." Here's the snide caption:

When I was young there was a time when I skipped school every day to go play. When people saw, they'd tell my parents. As a result, I encountere serious criticism and rebukes. It's truly unfortunate - if my parents were like SARFT, then my "developmental stage" would have been so delightful!

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It's the thinking of that high level SARFT official that is still in a developmental phase. Chinese TV would be far more entertaining if it were not for him and others like him.

The purpose of Chinese movies is not to defeat Hollywood, whether for the commercial films or the art ones, I think. There should be more movies which are reflecting the present and real China, recording our life, our changes, our special culture. We are tired of the visional and ridiculous stories.

There's a whole generation of influential Chinese that are going to spend the rest of their lives moaning. Best to keep quiet and let them work up the blood pressure :)


It is hard for power to enjoy or incorporate humour and satire in its system of control.
Dario Fo

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