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Reactions to blogger self-discipline pledge

Danwei recently reported that the Internet Society of China is soliciting public opinions about its draft "Blog Service Self-discipline Public Pledge," which it wants blog service providers (BSP) within China's borders to sign on to, voluntarily.

Here are a few responses on the Chinese Internet:

The Southern Metropolis Daily (南方都市报) published an article titled Blog real name registration dropped, Internet regulation needs to be reexamined (link to copy of article on blog). Excerpt:

... the fact that the real name system could not be implemented on one hand is a people's victory for Internet service providers and netizens, and on the other hand it shows that China's Internet regulators are respecting the wishes of netizens.

The Athere blog wrote a post titled Opinion about Real Name Blogs. His main conclusion: "It's still too early for a real name registration system for blogs in China".

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