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The Sensitive Word advertisement

ESWN posted a short piece about an advertisement published in the Chengdu Evening News (成都晚报) commemorating the 'strong mothers' of the Tiananmen tomato.

Wang Xiaofeng wrote a note about it entitled History, translated below:

On this day of (Sensitive Word), Chengdu Evening News had an accident, a very serious case. Later we saw that it was an advertisement in the classified section, just one sentence.

Afterwards, we heard that the editor responsible for this section is a youngster born in the 80s.

Suddenly everything is clear: 80s generation kids do not know about the (Sensitive Word) incident.

Why don't they know? Because they are not allowed to know. So they made a big mistake.

Which is why young people should learn history.

UPDATE: See also Bingfeng Teahouse: An unusual classified ad

UPDATE 2: A user of the Chinese clone Fanfou says that seven senior editorial staff of the Chengdu Evening Newshave been fired, and the person who placed the ad arrested.

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but once you "learn" history in east asia, the "chinese people" (in the words of the state press) will demand that you apologize for it. just ask japan.

if the chinese people were to learn the chinese people's history, then the chinese people would have no choice but to demand that the chinese people apologize to the chinese people for the atrocities committed by chinese people at the expense of the chinese people.

well,not all 80s have forgotten that,but it is true that the real history is always hidden.

but, but, but, but.... that would cause CONFLICT!!!!

Others have said it, but few can say it as well as Wang Xiaofeng.

Here's a link to the same story, covered by the Sydney Morning Herald: link.

I'm a 80s, or I'd rather say the Post-80s. I know that incident, and I think it has been correct and necessary to remain China's stablity and independence.

As for history...Only the strongs have history. Besides, it is not mentioned in the history book of the U.S., that their White House has once been burned by Canadians.

All govenments lies.

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." - Winston Churchill

It was a terrible tomato.

History is made by the people who accept it as such. So a free press is important, otherwise all is just marketing/propaganda. A free press won't get it perfect (absolute truth is impossible) but will get closer to realities that don't go away despite what the sanctioned history says.

I was born post 80s and I remember it. Perhaps has something to do with living through the event as a child...Maybe...All my cousins know about it, their friends know about... etc.

I don't know what post 80 kids in other cities think about this... I know this girl from Fuzhou (in the U.S of course) I'll ask her...

Mr TF,

1) How would talking about it threatern China's indepedence?
2) When will China be able to talk about it?
3) What do you think of the comments on Wang Xiaofeng's blog?

TF2vibes - You are referring to the burning of the White House during the 1812 War against the British. As a matter of fact, I was not aware that Canadian troops were involved in that incident, because - as it is taught in pretty much every American history textbook used in the US - the war was against the British, who did receive some support from Canada. Anyway, if you are interested in learning more about this, you can take a White House tour during which the guides will sometimes show you burn marks from that 1812 incident.

Any chance that I could get a tour of Zhangnanhai?

The comments on Wang Xiaofeng's blog are interesting. If you don't read Chinese, I've badly translated some of them here.

Sure, meet me at Wumen around 2:00am, for a tour. Be sure to wear something black, preferbly Ninja black. We can tour Zhongnanhai brah!

BTW, make sure you are a Qi Gong master and able to dodge bullets.

remember the events is not merely remember the facts. knowing the date and have in front of ourself the imagine of the guys in tiananmen (or in all the other place around the world asking for a change of society)
remember means to be conscious of what happened, to realize and reflect.
deny is dangerous. always dangeous.

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