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Tough questions about the earthquake

Despite government attempts to stop or slow down criticism and debate about 'sensitive' questions arising from the Sichuan earthquake, there is a fair amount of discussion about these issues in Chinese, especially on the Internet. Here are some recent translations:

ESWN: The interview with the kneeling Party secretary
Translation by Roland Soong of an interview with the Mianzhu Party Secretary that includes questions about shoddy construction of schools.

China Media Project: When will the right time come to ask the tough questions?
Translation by David Bandurski of an editorial by columnist and Phoenix TV host Leung Man-Tao (梁文道).

Asia Sentinel: The audacity of independent viewpoint
Translation by Alice Poon of an essay titled 'Southern Weekly, please uphold your independent viewpoint” written by columnist Xin Lijian (信力健).

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