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Transformers and Wikipedia

When asked about problems that China's opening up to the outside world has caused, Deng Xiaoping famously observed that 'when you open the window, some flies may come in' (打开窗户,苍蝇可能会飞进来). But some windows can be closed, or mosquito screens can be installed to prevent some of the undesirables from waltzing in too easily.

Today, there have surfaced two good examples of the government trying to keep the fly ratio low:

Transformers' success edges out other foreign movies from China market

Transformers is an American animated TV and comic book series that was popular in the U.S., China and even your correspondent's home country of South Africa in the 1980s. The film version of Transformers, released globally this July, was a box office hit in the U.S., and in China.

A Danwei film industry source had this to say about the box office receipts of the film:

"Probably well over 300 million yuan with all the unofficial screenings...

It has screwed up the desired ratio of domestic box office to foreign box office. This means that the foreign films in the pipeline for the remainder of 2007 have to cut way back on promotion. A bunch of promotional activities for Shrek 3 was just canceled by SARFT and the China Film Group."

Note: see also this report from July 2007 on Chinese government website Transformers Smash Chinese Box Office Records.

Typepad unblocked, Wikipedia blocked again

Ah, China's Net Nanny! What she giveth with one hand, she taketh away with the other.

Today, Typepad blogs such as Billsdue, Silicon Hutong, Tim Johnson's China Rises and The Useless Tree are now easily accessible on the Mainland.

But Wikipedia, whose non Chinese-language versions had been unblocked since June this year, is now completely unaccessible, at least from Beijing.

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Comments on Transformers and Wikipedia

Wikipedia is blocked in Shenzhen too. A quick traceback seems to confirm that it is the Great Firewall creating problems..

Nanjing too! Damn you, Great FireWall!

Guangzhou, too. But, at least now I can see my blog!

What is a "Danwei film industry source"? Does Danwei have a film industry?

Should it not be simply "a source in the film industry told Danwei..."?

I can confirm Wikipedia being blocked in Zhuhai too...

If you want to get on Wikipedia, even in Beijing, it is laughably easy....if you know what you're doing. "completely inaccessible" is incorrect.

How about editing Wikipedia pages? You can't do it over the CoDeen proxy network since they forbid POST methods.

What is your solution?

It seems to me that wikipedia has been unblocked again :)
As for D's question, have a look at

funny i was just on wiki today (from beijing) and it seemed to be working!?!

Wiki is back for me...

What's the hell going on with Wikipedia? how come it always be blocked? people have not rights to share something for free? Damn it!

i like the site of wikipedia because it help me get the words that i search on the is a big opportunity for some people like us here in Africa who are font of using the web mostly.

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