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'Universal values' editor removed

According to activist group Reporters San Frontiers, Chang Ping (长平), the deputy editor of Southern Metropolis Daily (南方都市报) [so says the RSF notice; he's listed as deputy editor on the masthead of Southern Metropolis Weekly (南都周刊)] has been removed from his posts after publishing editorials about Tibet.

There is more about the debate in China about the editorials in this Danwei article: The Internet wages war on the liberal media. Chang Ping became the target of an online campaign as well as a fiery editorial by Mei Ninghua (梅宁华), president of the Beijing Daily Group and vice-chair of the All-China Journalists Association.

This is not the first time that Chang has been purged from a Southern Media Group publication: In 2001, he was removed from his position as deputy editor of Southern Weekly (南方周末).

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Chang Ping was not an editor of Southern Metropolis Daily; he was an editor-general for the Southern Metropolis Weekly, a magazine belongs to the Southern Metropolis Group.


not this logic

wenwu: It looks like either Boxun or RSF got their signals crossed. We noted his position at SMW (his official title is 总主笔兼副主编). We've sent him an SMS to verify, but he's not responding.

In Chang Ping's blog (, there is the following introduction:
So he was a 副总编辑 of the SMW.

the nail that stick up gets hammered down.

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