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Xinhua, CCTV, and the Virginia Tech shootings

Yesterday Danwei's Joel Martinsen rounded up Chinese reactions to the shootings at Virginia Tech, translating from blogs and Internet forums: Chinese media reacts to Virginia Tech shootings.

Beijing Newspeak, written by a foreigner who works at Xinhua, has a post about how the state owned news agency treated the story, and the anxiety there before the killer's identity was confirmed as not being Chinese: Ill-informed Chicago columnist scares the hell out of China.

A commenter who works at CCTV9 added a follow-up: an informative, lengthy and darkly humorous account of how CCTV dealt with the breaking news of the shootings, comparing it to similarly cack-handed treatment of the Beslan school hostage in September 2004.

Finally, the lads at Antiwave got on the phone last night and have posted a podcast interview with a Chinese student at Virgina Tech (in Mandarin).

UPDATE: Chinese journalist Rose Luqiu analyzes the Chinese media's use of the Sun-Times column, in translation at ESWN.

Also, Shanghaiist reproduces an email that a "Chinese born in Shanghai" sent off to the Sun-Times calling for the resignation of columnist Michael Sneed and her editor for this insult to the Chinese people.

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