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Youtube blocked in China?

Update - October 2007: If you want to know more about the 2007 October block or comment on it, please go to this Danwei post from October 17, 2007.

It seems that way in Beijing this afternoon.

Can we blame it on Will Moss, whose last posting on his CNET blog was titled Chinese YouTubes courting controversy?

Perhaps not. A Technorati search for Youtube reveals other cries of anguish at being deprived of video. Nonetheless, perhaps it's time for Danwei TV to shift to Tudou.

UPDATE: Youtube is back.

For the latest status of Youtube, please see the Net Nanny Follies category.

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Blocked for me in Beijing.

Perhaps, but I can't get it through the usual workarounds, either, so it may just be technical difficulties. A Technorati search for youtube reveals other cries of anguish at being deprived of video:

It's fine in Beijing Edu net.

It works still fine in Xi'an,but I don't know if it will follow Beijing's pace as it did in the Technorati case.

It's fine in Shanghai.

its fine in Beijing...Thurs, 9:55 pm

i konw ur kind of guys always want to find some reasons to disparage china~

Nobody is disparaging China.

But name me one good reason why Blogspot is blocked here?

And 符合中国国情 is not an acceptable answer.

>Nonetheless, perhaps it's time
>for Danwei TV to shift to

and that's some suspect, including me, that baiduuuu and the like trigger/help China to ban google once in a while so it gets more users.

would you consider move to baiduu, to 163/. mailbox, to...

I understand your concern, but what makes you think toudou will not censor danwei TV. Every thing on toudou is humanly reviewed. This was the case, at least in last november. It's CEO or something said it in a "web 2 dian 0" conference.

With danwei's influnce, would you consider host the files yourself and soliciting donation? Or put it on our media?

Sometimes I can hardly believe that China, circa 2006, blocks BBC, Wikipedia, Technorati, Blogspot,, etc. We can just expect popular foreign Web 2.0 apps/sites to be censored eventually. Perhaps Digg will be next, now that they've gone to v.3 and have non-tech content. Maybe it will be, maybe Flickr.

Twenty years from now I think we'll all be looking back at this and saying to ourselves, "Boy, China had an amazing spate of economic and cultural development, but man was the CCP's policy on controlling information 土!"

YouTube's accessible to me in Beijing (Netcom's the ISP) 10pm Friday.

You can connect to YouTube from china, iran, brazil or where ever you are with a proxy server that support youtube videos.

Youtube is blocked for me now in Beijing!In my hotel room.

Sendspace and Flickr also! I'm a tourist, I wonder why this thing occurs to me, whoa, why, why, why???????

baidu HACKED me! Everytime I click on a page to login, it redirects me to baidu/error something. WTF?!

Shanghai here, cannot access Youtube either. What's going on?

Still down in Shanghai...

Blocked here too since Oct 17
Funtastic :/

Its not working in Shanghai right now... I hope this doesnt last.

Not picking it up in Guangzhou/Panyu... :-(

blocked in shenzhen

I am currently in Zhengzhou and was witness to it being blocked last night, I was watching Greg house play guitar and then i wasn't and couldn't get back on. I talked to my brother in Wuhan today and he said it's down there too.
thanks to whoever has put it))))

oh my its true, i found this site on google, i cant live without my fix of youtube!! Im in shanghai right now it doesnt work :(

Im not getting Youtube either. What is going on here?

Can't use it now in Beijing. It's so frustrating.

its also down in beijing... ive been trying to get through for hours now... i have a soap to watch !!! why is this happening !?!?!?! =(

down in Yantai :( two days so far

so true, I've spent most my working day tryna figure out how to get access to an interview with the Founder of "Millions Of Us", a virtual world development company, only to be completely denied. Forget about the fact that I now miss my weekly doses of anime, comedy stand-up and genereal tom-foolery, I also have to go without youtube as the vital FREE research tool I've come to use it as.

For anyone interested, I was able to find a non-free alternative in Shanghai, if peeps don't mind me posting it here..

Its the only proxy site I've managed to use that supports youtube video, believe me, I've checked:

After loading 6-8 web pages, it'll prompt you to purchase credit to continue use. What a bitch that there aren't any free ones!!!

Please post if you come up with any free ones...

YouTube has also been down for me in Beijing since the 17th of October. I am finding it very distressing that I can't get my daily fix of YouTube as well. :(

down in shandong province as well.

Down in Xi'an as well. Looks like this is across the board.

I am a youtube blogger of sorts, i upload videos weekly on my adventures here in china. Now that youtube is down I have had to make the move over to Metacafe for the time being. Really makes me wish that metacafe was a better site and had mroe content.

youtube is not coming up here in beijing as of 18.30 friday oct 19

It's definately down.

But honestly, why??
Is blocking sites some kind of hobby?
I bet they just sit there, thinking up
of all kinds of excuses they can use to block a site.

...I'm going through withdrawal.


Youtube is down in Changchun since Thur. :(

blocked in tianjin.

Blocked in Dalian=(

Blocked in Fujian

YouTube is back? Not as of 16:45 local time on 10/20 in Beijing.

Down in Jiangsu! Really upsets me that they feel the need to get rid of You Tube.

Blocked in Shanghai. Shame on China.

shit happens,but it just keeps happening here in China,as a Chinese i ve gotten used to our well-meaning government using taxpayers' money against 'em

they got youtube this time and who's next on the list?

for whatever reason they're doing this,blocking websites,emails etc

it's totally wrong,but what can we do about that? complain? to whom? protest? you wanna spend some time in jail?

so don't make a big deal out of it,close your eyes and get on with your life,shitty as it is

it is blocked in nanjing ;)

Sounds exactly like what chinese people have been saying for a long time, and as far as youtube being back up it's still down in Zhengzhou. I am not sure about WuHan. Suxks because I was excited for a second.

OMG i m in shanghai and youtube doesn't work 4 me, how did u guyz get on?? IMPOSSIBLE

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