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Youtube not blocked in Beijing

Sadly, it seems that some of the smartest people I know think Twitter is really interesting.

Such people think that it is somehow significant that someone Twittered—oh, excuse me, Tweeted—the Sichuan earthquake before Reuters reported it.

Nonetheless, Twitter has supplanted one of's traditional areas of reporting: real time updates about websites blocked by the Chinese Net Nanny.

The Twitter people are currently talking about Youtube being blocked in China. It's working OK in Beijing though.

Update (JM): Except when it's not: Access has been on again off again today.

For the latest status of Youtube, please see the Net Nanny Follies category.

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youtube not tubing for me @ 22:17

It seems to be in and out in Shanghai. I got it fine here, including making a search and watching a video, but went back 5 minutes later and couldn't get to anything. Not sure what the issue is, but whatever is causing it seems to be intermittent.

Sadly, it seems that some of the smartest people I know think electronic mail is really interesting.

Such people think that it is somehow significant that people have at times electronic-mailed-—oh, excuse me, e-mailed-—news of significant events before traditional media has reported it.

I'm in Beijing, and a moment ago I could get to bookmarked videos but not the youtube homepage. Now nothing is working.

i think twitter is interesting. Technically its like the chatrooms from the early internet in the 1990s. but its a good way to exchange information.

It's blocked in Dalian. It's been on and off this evening but currently is blocked at 11:56 pm

Twitter is interesting, but not significant. What it does is to enable people with too much time to kill to run around telling people they learned of something one minute earlier than other people.

But Twitter does indicate that we're now living in a fragmented world, where people enjoy consuming bits and pieces of small information.

Still blocked in Shanghai at 4:00am and has been consistently for many hours - no longer intermittent.

It's down in Guangzhou and Panyu. Last night it was no videos, no embedded links, no anything, just a white screen and done. What's the Powers That Be's beef this time?

at last somebody sharing my disaffection for a time-wasting activity on which we will look back ten years from now the same way we today look back on mullets ;-) Thanks!

Seems to be working fine here - Beijing 8.15am.

correction - down but accessible by proxy. Beijing 8.25am.

still down today, beijing, 8:27am

Been in & out since yesterday afternoon (Beijing)

Down in Shenzhen since last night around dinner time.

Been down in Tangshan, Hebei since yesterday afternoon. 10:52 AM now. Still accessible by proxy, however, I always get the message "We're sorry. This video is no longer available."

down in Guangzhou
not accessable since last night

What I find surprising is that YouTube (or Google) doesn't have much to say. If I were them, I would lodge a complaint at the WTO. Doesn't blocking their sites constitute unfair market practices, namely protectionism in favor of domestic competition such as Youku and Tudou.

We always think it's political, but I wouldn't be surprised if some government officials got a $$$ kick back from domestic video-sharing sites for the annual YouTube block.

Great Firewall ... YouSuck.

i can not visit youtube in my home and office.

i am in beijing.yesterday,until now.

fuck gfw.

China Telecom is blocking many foreign file sharing sites to keep us using their MoFile shit.

Trade barrier is a fact, until the world is under one constitution, it will stay. So screw WTO or UN.

ok I can access youtube but as soon as I log in it goes blank, I guess I watched too many china-related political videos so youtube keeps recommending me the sensitive ones in the front page.

yeah fuck gfw.

Can't have the CPPCC watching YouTube when the sky such a lovely blue again at last

definitely not working. 1:11pm

youtube is blocked in Anhui

It is down all over Guangxi. Since 18:12 yesterday (Wednesday) Still down now.

I don't see what the deal is whether its blocked or not. Youtube is pretty unusable in China anyway. I haven't got time to spend 20 minutes waiting for a dumb 3 minute video to load anyway. I feel better having ignored all that crud. Youku/Tudou work faster and better, and they have the right idea - full tv programs and movies on demand, and categorized. Youtube promised that early on, but the media industries crucified them over it.
If I was large media, I'd be all over putting content in Youtube, complete with embedded ads.
Better stats than Nielsen, and costs them zip to distribute. Essentially free money.

It was down yesterday evening in Nanjing; I got it this afternoon, but then the crawlers caught up and zapped it again.

wtf twitter is down too???????????????? anyone????????????

Down in Zhejiang province, along with Bloglines, which is my RSS reader.

Down in Shenzhen it's been 48 Hours Now.

Local time 2:12AM, time to go buy a proxy.

Anyone have any to suggest?

I'm in Nanjing and have been using YouTube fine all week. I mean not ALL week obviously, I did sleep and eat sometimes. What's going on?

It's back up again in Panyu this morning (Saturday the 8th) @ 8:00 AM.

Blocked again in Shanghai tonight? or maybe its my connection, it was working earlier.

youtube blocked @ shangdong 24 th march mid night

block here in Guaangzhou. right now is 3:32 pm

youtube has been down since yesterday! dunno what's wrong? is it the server or has the governemnt blocked it? either way it's been over 24 hours and no tube!! by the way i am in Hangzhou

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