Beijing subway jam music video

Found via Zhongnanhai blog, this is a music video for the band Electric Six, shot and produced by video artist Rob Slychuk, who currently lives in Beijing.

This video was almost entirely shot in the bowels of Beijing's subway system.

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Comments on Beijing subway jam music video

this rocks!Classic!

in beijing subway wonder what's others reaction toward this.

and btw,who plays the role of blue man:)

More of the same: western man jumping, gyrating and playing air guitar ad nauseum for the mildly amused Chinese masses. Too bad a more colourful subway crowd couldn't have been found -- the tedium of the video could have been lessened with some better background.

Still, the video was shot it in Beijing: cool, in, hot, trendy. This must be a plus for the production. Mind you, Beijing is still woefully empty. For those who enjoy jumping, gyrating and humping subway poles, more colourful places do exist around the world (then again, the locals probably won't applaud such tired behaviour).

I thought the song and video completely sucked.

No value whatsoever.



Looks like he overdosed on stinky dofu...

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