The real Beijing

During this period of overloaded symbolism, Danwei presents 'Beijing Evening News' by rude rappers Yin San'r (阴三儿); see extended entry / large version for English translation of the lyrics.

MP3 of song, Chinese lyrics transcript

Beijing Evening News

Rough translation of lyrics:

Night is falling over Beijing
And a certain kind of people are about to start their lives
They sleep in the day, they don't go to work
They can't sleep at night, it's too boring
They don't like TV, or getting online
That's all fake and you can't feel it
Where is real life?
I want to find a pretty girl
Don't want to hang around wasting time

I walk out and call a friend to hang around
The freedom of being single belongs to grown-up bachelors
Naked laps, high heels, seductive perfume,
The chicks are so hot
If you're alone, they want to chat with you
Even if you can't understand their jokes
Let's go somewhere else
Let's find an old dirty Beijing restaurant and I'll tell you some stuff

Beijing Evening News
There are people advertising that they want to get married and all kind of stuff
They're all liars and fuckers
Beijing Evening News
Too many idiots sleepless at home, I don't like that at all
Beijing Evening News
Some drink, some take drugs, and fuck around without a condom
Beijing Evening News
The playgirls call me night cat
Because I only come out in the dark

But things change at late night
Too many wolves, but too few sheep
A bunch of guys don't like each other at all
They want to fight away the drunk night
Some start punching, some run away
Some hold pretty girls in their arms and drink fake foreign booze
Two stupid loser get in a fight and amuse everyone else
The girls run away
The bar owner calls the cops
So I have to leave too

Get in some chick's car and grab another girl to take a drive
No traffic jams on the second and third ring roads
Countless neon signs light up my world
Saunas and bath houses are open no matter how late
Red, white and blue cop colors light up the whole street
But they just pretend they don't see what's going on

Beijing Evening News
Some people are searching, some people are shooting photos
Whoever is in the majority wins
Beijing Evening News
Some sleep in underground passages
Some use government money to pay for their banquets
Beijing Evening News
Some arrive late
Some get forced to take a urine test (for drugs)
Danger's just besides you
And that's the thrill
Beijing Evening News
Beijing is getting more lively
But you can't find that old feeling

People work hard late at night
People collect used bottles on the street
Drunkards, beggars, idiots and liars
Can't tell them apart
From weekday to weekend
Everyone goes out to get something
Low prices and local whores
Getting drunk where there are lots of girls
Vendors cheating
Rich people have the really good times
Hot chicks downing shots and getting wasted


Big officials and leaders park outside night clubs
Girls hiding in the toilet
Whiskey and duck neck
Models and starlets
Sitting in a private room with stupid dicks
Cops patrolling, Dongbei pimps
Lots of college girls
But student IDs get no discount

Beijing is building
But the people are changing
Who is responsible for all of this?

Beijing Evening News
You have to take medicine when you are sick
But it's too expensive and there's no welfare
Beijing Evening News
Hang up a goat's head but sell dog meat
The university professors are psychos and stupid cunts
Beijing Evening News
I won't pay back my loan because it's all a fraud
Beijing Evening News
The girl's ass isn't hot enough
If you want to be a big star
You must get fucked by a director

Many people read the Beijing Evening News daily
They say there's some big news that you have to know
I doubt the news is reliable
I don't care whose photo is on the front page
I've heard about doughnuts made with washing powder
I've heard about [axe murderer] Ma Jiajue and 9-11
I've heard a monkey in the zoo ran away
I've heard a bunch of crap and it's driving me crazy

I get out of down town but still feel crabby
I've soundproofed my room but the neighbor are still too noisy
I walk out and find a newspaper in the trash can
Filled with different adverts

Who dies, I don't give a shit
I just want a hot chick with a hot ass
Who's the new leaders who's a big deal
Who won five million, who is poor
What kind of idiot hires a detective to spy on his wife
Cab driver don't want to drive you around for nothing

But at 4 or 5 o'clock, when you you hear the shouting
"Beijing Evening News"
At last, you feel the love in Beijing

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Comments on The real Beijing

I *adore* this song. A friend of mine turned me on to 阴三儿 a few months ago, and I've been hooked since.

Read a full profile of Beijing rappers Yin San'r at Blogging Beijing for The Seattle Times.

Also from the Department of Rapping in Languages Not Designed for Rap: Leimigi Thart, an Irish version of 'Jump Around.'
Those of you who, like me, have long wondered how to say "I'll serve your ass like John McEnroe / If your girl steps up, I'm smackin' the ho!" in Irish will be relieved to know that the answer is
"Freastloidh me thu ar nos John McEnroe
Ma shiulann do bheal suas, buailfidh me an ho!"

a Bhreandáin: OMG! I thought the loan word "hó" was funny 'till I saw that he renders "my homies" as "m'abhailies." Comic genius to be appreciated by a couple of thousand at most...

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