Pangu chant down Babylon

The cover of Pangu's self-released album Burning with Lewd Desire
Holidarity is a blog written by a journalist who knows a lot about China, and is very familiar with the rock scene on the Mainland even though he seems to spend most of his time in Taiwan. Unfortunately his blog is on Blogspot, and so blocked in China.

He recently wrote about about cult band Pangu (盘古):

Pangu, a band from Jiangxi Province, continues to release and re-release music through free downloads from exile in Sweden...

... If you ask kids in China about Pangu, you'll hear either bitter resentment or that this band was hugely influential, both testaments to a certain landmark status they achieved in China's rock scene in the late 1990s...

The post quotes from an introduction to one of the band's online music releases, presumably written by lead singer Ao Bo:

People. You have to resist. No one can help you or do it for you. If you try to strike some bargain so you don't have to resist, then you will be slaves forever.

Easy to say that in Sweden.

Links and Sources
  • Holidarity: Pangu MP3s includes links to music downloads, you'll need a proxy in China
  • Baidu MP3 search: Pangu downloads includes links to music downloads, you'll need a proxy in China
  • Cover image from: includes introduction to album in Chinese
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