A Super Girl sings Cui Jian

A clip of Huang Ying, one of the finalists in the Super Girls competition, singing Cui Jian's most famous anthem, Nothing to my Name (一无所有), via FangKC. For more Cui Jian, see this post.

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Recouped by the spectacle; suppose it was only a matter of time :(

Is this a big deal? Why is this news?

I too have been curious about this song. As I understand it, it was an unofficial anthem for students in '89. I know Qi Qin has recorded it and has sung it in concert in the mainland. I always wondered if this song was something the govt. would freak about. Wasn't Qi Qin's "Wolf" (pretty much an anthem to individuality, as I understand) also sung by students at that time? Is there someone who could straighten out my history? I don't speak or read Chinese, but I love Chinese pop music-and some of this background is fascinating.

I cannot speak for gov. But "Nothing to my Name " and "Wolf" are very popular before and after 89. Every KTV has these songs and they have been sung over and over by everyone. Why do they represent exclusively the student protesters in 89? I just do not know.

Yes, "Nothing to My Name" was popular, and was Cui Jian's breakout song when he performed it on state TV. So in a way this Super Girls performance brings it full circle, but in another way it's a sign that the song has been drained of whatever power it once had in the 80s and 90s. It doesn't exclusively represent the protesters, but for a long time it was closely identified with them. The Super Girls program, on the other hand, has been subject to SARFT controls on its content and has been given strict instructions to avoid controversy and sensation.

The singer seems to be pushing a rock theme - she's also done a cover of Zheng Jun's Return to Lhasa, except that instead of rocking out, she did it up 青藏高原-style while dancing in ethnic costume.

In the next post, Fang Kecheng explains the incongruity.

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