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JDM081027neocha.jpg's "netlabel" just released its latest compilation, titled "Tomorrow's Afternoon Tea."

The album brings together ten original tracks from independent Chinese bands and solo acts with female vocalists, all of whom are users.

Link here to download the entire compilation, or link from the tracklist below to stream each song.

According to Neocha CEO Sean Leow, the goal of Neocha's netlabel is to bring together the best of various music genres in China represented by Neocha musicians. Neocha offers the compilations to the public for free in order to give the musicians wider recognition and distribution.

Neocha net label's "Tomorrow's Afternoon Tea:"

01 coverpeople:我们
02 范世琪:梦境
03 漂亮亲戚:hearing
04 诺琪:coffee’s
05 蘑菇红:屋顶花园
06 April&Box:小事情
07 棒棒糖乐团:a song 4 my angel
08 丹麦:火车司机男朋友
09 汤旭:失乐园
10 Today:结束之前

Additionally, here’s a link to download an earlier-released compilation / podcast titled “Post China,” which features eight of China’s best emerging post-rocks bands.

And lastly, one more link to stream (not available for download) another compilation titled “1981,” an album showcasing sounds from China’s post-1980 generation musicians.

In other Neocha news, the site has recently published a 4th installment of its webzine “Blow up” (放大), aptly titled, “Blow Up 04″ (放大04). Link here for a PC or Mac download. This edition is loosely focused on the theme of “sport” with content including:

  • an article titled ”Is China Ready for Originality?” featuring Xiao Long Hua, an illustrator and member of Cult Youth, the leading underground comic book group in China
  • Neocha user profile on: Popil, creative extraordinaire
  • an article on BMX in China
  • an article on Liang You (良友), an old Shanghainese B&W magazine that pioneered athletics photography
  • a video called “Dare!” documenting China’s 1984 Olympic team
  • a piece on the classic Chinese sneaker brand Warrior (回力)
  • and an overview of “Tomorrow’s Afternoon Tea,” the above mentioned Neocha netlabel release

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Comments on Tomorrow's Afternoon Tea

What, no link to purchase the album straight from this post? j/k

Since so much of the music on Neocha seems to be offered for download, wouldn't it make more sense to release this music under a Creative Commons China license rather than old fashioned copyright?


Actually, 99% of the music is not offered for download on Neocha, it's only the compilations we produce. We contact each musician or their manager to clear the rights for the compilations.

I'd be open to exploring the Creative Commons license although I think it may take a bit of education among Chinese musicians to work.

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