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'My breasts, my show' and Craigslist clone shut down for obscenity

From the Baidu cache of 'My breasts my show' forum

From a Sina report published today:

Report on 3rd round of disciplinary action against indecent websites

June 22, reports — The China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre recently condemned and for large amounts of obscene content. Disciplinary actions against the sites are as follows: 

1. (Guangdong) is closed down. 

2. The "Hodegpodge Forum" (大杂烩) of (Beijing) is rectified

The public is encouraged to continue to report websites with obscene, pornographic or vulgar content.

What was the vulgar content?

1. was a clone of Craigslist, and just like Craigslist, it included large numbers of advertisements for paid sexual services.

2. was running a competition called "My breasts, my show" (我胸尽我秀) in which users were encouraged to submit photos of their breasts, to be judged by senior members of the forums. Winners were to be awarded prizes comprising's virtual currency.

Zhantai is a relatively small player, is one of the most popular forum websites amongst Chinese Internet users under the age of 30, and well known for its unruly participants.

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