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A Flickr fix

Nanny may not willingly take her meds, but nothing's stopping the kids from slipping her a mickey. Regarding Nanny's recent filtering of, Stewart Butterfield, co-founder and general manager of, offered some advice on a recent CNET blog post. Enhancing the Firefox browser with a Greasemonkey plugin will automatically circumvent the filter. Another plugin for Firefox — appropriately named Access Flickr! — should also do the trick.

The Greasemonkey plugin is here. Greasemonkey will need to run a script to specific script to unblock the photos. That script is here. A good source for this and other Greasemonkey is here.

The Access Flickr! plugin is here.

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When are you guys going to get with the program and start using the term everyone else on the planet uses, the Great Firewall, or GFW? What's your particular aversion to this term, one wants to know.

I like net nanny because it gives the evil overlords of Chinese net censorship an old-lady persona, to whose whimsical desires the Internet must bow down to, which in turn lets us enjoy making psychological disorder jokes at Her expense. (I do think all pronouns referring to Her should from now on be capitalized, however)

I'm with Danwei on the name since most people I know here in China call it the Nanny. I'm more confused by what a "mickey" is supposed to be, since it's slang for a small bottle of liquor where I'm from.

You didn't link to the right greasemonkey script. The one you linked to removes some transparent overlay images on flickr.

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