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Ho hum, the Typepad blog hosting and software service was blocked in China sometime last week.

This means that China Law Blog, Useless Tree, Kaiser Kuo and Tim Johnson's China Rises are not accessible in Mainland China.

Decentralization is key gentlemen! If you can, please get your own servers so we can continue reading you without the annoyance of using a proxy server.

On the topic of blocked sites, Wikipedia — most of which was recently unblocked in China — has been keeping a record of Nanny's little list of websites that need to be harmonized from the face of China's Internet. Add Typepad to the list, Wiki people.

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And, when you do get your own server, make absolutely sure that you are getting your own IP address.

Many are the sob stories I've endured detailing how people I know have signed up for "great deal" blog servers that share an IP address with a lot of other "personal" blog servers and then get blocked when one of them cuts the Nanny's lunch.

Nanny is not the smartest personified bit of hardware -- she'll block you if you "share" an IP with an already-blocked site.

So, Network Solutions hosting services, for one example, should not be considered.

We are working on it. Since we have the domain name already, it should not be all that tough. I really have loved Typepad, however, and it will be tough to let it go.

Steve / Dan at China Law Blog:

Danwei used to be on Typepad. Switching over to Movable Type is not difficult, except that you need someone to help code the site if you can't do it yourself. The interface is just as easy and logical as Typepad.

Hey, if you need some help I'm willing to help out.

For web development I have experience with PHP, XML, Javascript, Java, DHTML, CSS, and Python.

For database I have the theoretical background in relational and object oriented database, that is, I can design and implement efficient databases. As for actual databases I have experience with PostgreSQL and MySQL.

I have extensive experience with Apache webs servers.

I want to help because I think it will be great experience for working on a real "commercial" website. That is not to say I don't have real work experience. I have 2+ years of experience at C.A.D/Mesh generation software for Mechanical engineering related development. I am an expert C++ developer. I have solid understanding of mathematics and computer science.

I'm one semester short of graduating with double B.S degrees in math and computer science.

Sorry forgot to add my email. You can reach me at

I am happy to report we are back online everywhere, including China. Using Movable Type now, not Typepad. Thanks for the tips, people. And thanks to all those who showed their support when we were down.

I just hope all those other blogs get around the wall soon. They deserve a wide audience.

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