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Anonymouse trap

As reported by Shanghaiist yesterday, is now blocked in China.

Anonymouse is an easy-to-use proxy server that has been the friend of the curious web surfer in China for many years. The only remarkable thing about it being blocked is how long it took for the Net Nanny to catch on.

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an alternative is proxy4china

Witopia is still working.

I was surprised how long it took too, but sad to see it blocked anyhow.

( : also works fairly well.

gladder add-on for firefox. Works great

Is Proxy4china blocked now too? Can't seem to use it this morning.

Same here, cant seem to connect to proxy4china, chinese gov always do this kind of shit every when or so!

proxi4china also blocked now as you guys gives so easily tipps to the 30.000 netpoliceman in China by posting here alternativ proxy

It is not blocked. We had problems sustaining the traffic (over 5,000 visitors daily) and using insane amounts of bandwidth daily. We have moved to a new server with higher specs which should help for now. However we welcome donations to in order to be able to keep the site opened (or move quickly to another IP in case the one we are using now happens to be blocked).

By the way another option is

The Admin

There is a slight difference, though:anonymouse used to be free,but you have to pay for the servers which have been given above.(not really keen on that ;-)

both proxy4china and proxy4asia seem to be down today. Don't know if it's permanent or not. Geez...I do miss Anonymouse!!!

yes... the 2 website recommended are both pay sites... you should kick those comments. no relation with Anonymouse which is a free service.

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