Net Nanny Follies blocked unblocked in China, the NASDAQ listed for profit website that makes heavy use of Wikipedia content has been blocked by China's Net Nanny. Wikipedia has been blocked since November last year, after a brief period of being accessible. It seems that the new block was implemented to ensure Wikipedia content is not available at alternative URLs.

UPDATE: is no longer blocked in Beijing (May 28, 23:11, news about block originally posted at 11:53).

UPDATE 2: May 29 — In the comments section readers in Beijing and Shanghai are saying that they cannot access

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Shhh...still works for me using China Telecom's VNet service, but if I search for some naughty topics, they get wise and pull the plug.

I'm unable to use anonymouse. Has it also been blocked?

oops, my bad, it's working just fine now. Doh!

It is still working(18:25).

Bizarre that they didn't block wiki mirror , either the .be or the .us versions of the site.

Still blocked Tuesday morning on Beijing Netcom.

As of today - May 29 - is blocked again, in Shangahi. I use instead.

Another disturbing detail: News abt the poisened pet food from China in the US and hazardous Chinese-made toothpaste in Panama are not reported in China, as far as I know. This kind of slant in info abt China-foreign relations (China lighter than it is, rest of world darker) may haunt us.

why, I still could not access at my office in Beijing.

no problem here in guangzhou, it still works perfectly well. is accessible in Beijing, it's about 10pm. still accessible in Zhongshan, Guangdong.

Otherwise, get an SSH shell account outside of China.
Run PuTTY.
Go to settings: Connection--SSH--Tunnels.
Fill in Source port=8080, Destination=Dynamic, click Add, then Open.
With PuTTY running in the background, go into Firefox's network settings and set SOCKS Proxy to, port 8080.
Now you can surf anonymously to anywhere.

I can access from Fuzhou. It's still giving me all the usual stuff, including entries from wikipedia.

Aro ... I can't believe that someone dare lie on facts that are so obvious. All major and minor Chinese newspapers reported the events, as well as the problematic blankets exported to Australia.

If you want to know why a website is blocked in one place, and not in another place, I have a report on my blog which I got from a tech friend in China Tele.

Oh and, the people's daily has reported on the "killer blankets" going to Australia, in my Wuhan edition they said that it was just one rare occurrence and the government is doing everything they can to stop it... whatever, the government issues false safety certs to products containing carcinogenic substances all the time.

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